9 & 10 OCTOBER 2019


Among the exhibitors in 2018 : 




Manufacturer of technical parts in single material or bi-material, in plastic and rubber for the automotive market. Our approach to the automotive market is based on in-depth knowledge of different functions such as fluid transfer, watertight and airtight seals, and acoustics. This allows us to adapt in a rapidly changing market. Acaplast Group has the know-how to provide you with functional solutions that fit your applications. Acaplast Group’s experience in the automotive industry has enabled us to establish solid relationships with car manufacturers and automotive equipment suppliers.




Actronika provides advanced solutions that enable person-machine communication through touch. Haptic interfaces can in many cases operate on their own or synergistically with visual and auditory displays when the fundamental neural principles of multisensory integration are observed. The idea of using the sense of touch in human-machine interaction is more than one century old. It was popularized by the mobile device industry for notifications through buzzing vibrations, or in simulators for training through force feedback. 





Compounding and distribution of engineering plastics. Production of Special and High Performance compounds: high temperatures, carbon and glass fibers reinforcements, thermal/electrical conductivity,wear protection, accoustic and anti-vibration, metallic effect without coating, light blocking, light guiding and light, diffusing, … Albis Plastique France’s offer is composed of: Engineering and High Performance plastic raw materials - Compounds according to your specifications based on recycled polymers - Design, conception, industrialization of plastic components - Selection of suitable materials and processing expertise - Metal substitution and lightweight solutions -  Specific materials for LED lighting, ...




With over 75 years of experience, SikaAxson is the world leading provider and developer of high-performance resins, boards and pastes for model and mould making. SikaAxson offers customized solutions for the composites industry - from the model to the shape and finished parts up to the fitting structural adhesive. In addition, SikaAxson offers casting resins and functional coatings for industrial filters and dielectrics.





Bosch Mondeville and its 550 people in France offer Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS). This subcontracting service meets the needs of electronic and mechatronic production, ranging from small to large series and delivering a quality close to 1 PPM with a full traceability throughout the value stream. Bosch Mondeville, Plant of the Year 2017/2018, is one of the Bosch qualified I4.0 plants and the unique electronics manufacturing site of the Robert Bosch Group in France.


Innovation : Electronics Manufacturing Services ( hardware and software development, I4.0 industrialisation, production with purchasing and supply-chain functions), IoT services (sensors, softwares, HMI, services) and Bosch Global pertnership and co -marketing actions





Material testing laboratory :  Mechanical tests, physico-chemical and electrical chararcterization - Analyses of faults causes (damage, corrosion, pollution, break) on materials - Analyse and control of emission of interior car materials - Development and monitoring of exhaust emissions measurements in car circulation - Verification of compliance of supplies - Production monitoring (part dissection), qualification of processes - Assessment of special processes suppliers.





DATADVANCE has been incorporated in 2010 as a joint venture between AIRBUS and Institute for Information Transmission Problems, one of the leading mathematical research centers worldwide. Datadvance is specialized in software development for Process integration, Design Space Exploration and Predictive Modeling. Our solution is particularly efficient in trade off phases as decision support tool for a systematic exploration of design space using fast approximation model and optimization. Our solution is also able to take into account uncertainties and their propagation and influences.





Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group world class innovative technological partner combining Conception & Manufacturing of parts & sub-assemblies using high performance Plastics & Composites for metal replacement. Unique MULTIPLASTURGY® offer combining expertise & technologies in project management, Machining, TP&TS Injection, Micro precision injection molding, Thermoforming, TP composites, RTM, Plastronic, Painting, Metallisation and Assembly.





Major co-contractor for the tailored-made manufacture by deformation of high precision wire or strip metal parts. Its level of know-how allows it to provide customers with expertise in fields as varied as  the connector industry and glass-metal sealing, as well as applications using electrical, electronic and electro-mechanical components. We are one of the world leaders in airbag connections. In addition, by continually seeking to improve and innovate, DELTA COMPOSANTS has achieved new levels of excellence and integrated additional products and services such as precision machining, 3D engraving and stamping , high-definition micro-drilling on all types of support (namely for acoustic solutions as well as for customization of saddlery items or vehicle interiors), electrical cable assembly, embossing and tumbling,… Expertises well known in the automotive sector.

Innovation : Several atypical machining processes. Holding critical tolerances and ensuring top quality surface finish and aspect. Micro holes making for functional (lightening of materials and noise reduction) and aesthetic purposes.




EMG2 provides innovative technologies to optimise your applications in the field of Miniaturization, High-Speed Communications, and Boards & Systems. Its offer is based on the expertise  and electronic skills of its partners for which EMG2 is your contact in France for all technical or commercial questions




ESI Group - Leading Innovator in Virtual Prototyping Software and Services. Specialist in material physics established in more than 40 countries, ESI has developed a unique proficiency in helping industrial manufacturers replace physical prototypes by virtually replicating the fabrication, assembly and testing of products in different environments.




Eurodecision is specialized in business analytics (optimization, artificial intelligence, operations research, data science). Its expertise: listen, understand, analyze and capitalize the company as well as external data to help managers make the best decisions. In order to do so, Eurodecision uses its skills in mathematical algorithms and models development, Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS), Big Data, Business Intelligence and Dataviz, as well as machine learning. Eurodecision helps industries (cars and parts manufacturers) and services providers (insurance, limo services, rentals…) to analyze data, schedule and optimize resources, as well as manage their design and production processes. 




ANNECY ELECTRONIQUE has developed, produced and marketed, under the EXXOTEST© brand name, products which cover every phase in the life of the control, regulation and servo systems fitted to vehicles and mobile machinery: Design – Optimization – Qualification – Diagnosis & Maintenance – Training.




Ezako is a company expert in Big Data and Machine Learning. Ezako was created to address the data analysis issues that modern companies have. Its activity is divided into two parts: Big Data Real-time Analytics Software and Machine Learning Solutions (prediction of anomalies, predictive maintenance ...). 




FEV is a worldwide supplier for powertrain development and calibration, test bed engineering and equipment. With its state of the art automation, simulation and calibration tools, developed in cooperation with major OEMs, FEV is strongly involved in hybrid and electric powertrain design and validation. FEV is your partner for Powertain, development and calibration & Test bed engineering and equipment.


Innovation : Calibration reliability, energy connectivity and autonomous vehicle calibration development - Simulation on the test beds - Simulation vehicle energy managemetn law - Virtual test beds - Battery test beds for advanced tests - High speed electric motor test beds - Transmission or reducer high speed test beds.





Bati sur le modèle Cluster, Genaris opère au sein d’une organisation pluridisciplinaire sur une plateforme industrielle commune. Composé de PME innovantes, Genaris propose des prestations agiles à forte valeur ajoutée. Plusieurs domaines d'expertise sont développés pour le secteur automobile : conception et fabrication de faisceaux électriques (prototype et petite série), intégration mécanique (procédés d’assemblage de pièces métalliques et composites), électronique et informatique industrielle (cartes électroniques, logiciels, intégration de systèmes multi-technologies), analyse et contrôle des systèmes (simulation de comportements multiphysiques), informatique temps réel (calcul parallèle et hybride, base de donnés relationnelles, génération de code automatique, développement d’IHM, ...), Data Science (traitement de bases de données complexes,  développement d’algorithmes prédictifs, ...) et digitalisation 3D





HEXPOL TPE is a global polymer compounding group specializing in Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) for key industries such as consumer, medical, packaging, automotive and construction. The automotive sector is a dominant force for the polymer industry, we have a strong portfolio of compounds for automotive applications such as floor mats, fascia mats and HVAC components.


Innovation : As part of our automotive portfolio we’ve developed DRYFLEX INTERIOR – a series of thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) designed to minimise emissions from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and help address demands for improved vehicle interior air quality (VIAQ). They are particularly suited to automotive interior applications such as fascia mats, cup holder liners and HVAC components.

We’re also making it easier to meet sustainability challenges with DRYFLEX GREEN biobased TPEs. These compounds contain raw materials from renewable resources such as plant and vegetable crops.





Inova Semiconductors GmbH is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Munich, Germany. The company was founded in 1999 and specializes in the development of high speed semiconductors for multi-Gigabit/s serial data communication in automotive infotainment and camera applications. The products are manufactured at leading factories in Europe and Asia and sold through a widespread world-wide distribution network. INOVA is represented in France by EMG2, a 20 years old company based in Paris area.




Specialist of industrial laser applications (welding, additive manufacturing, µ-applications, safety), Irepa Laser offers the following services : industrial studies, sub-manufacturing, consulting & expertise, training, ...




OROS designs and manufactures noise and vibration testing systems (instruments and software) for more than 30 years, meeting the requirements and expectations of automotive industry, especially NVH testing. OROS systems are used to obtain an effective evaluation of vibro-acoustic phenomena. The final aim is to improve the comfort of vehicles as well as their durability and performance. The OROS Solutions are dedicated for vehicles, engines and components NVH, in different test environments: laboratory, in-vehicle or production. OROS proposes a wide range of analysis solutions covering covers data acquisition, structural dynamics, acoustics and rotating applications and related services.





As a global, leading manufacturer of optical and digital precision technology, Olympus provides innovative solutions for state-of-the-art medical systems, digital cameras and scientific solutions. At Olympus, we develop, manufacture and distribute a wide array of innovative products and professional solutions for most diverse application areas such as automotive, aeronautics, petrochemistry, energy and consumer goods. 




Supplier of optical solutions (cameras, lasers, imaging solutions, welding machines, optical fibers, optical components, imaging systems), Photon Lines supplies a range of cameras (including CCD cameras, CMOS and sCMOS cameras, streak cameras, intensified cameras) into low light level, high speed vision and imaging applications as well as high technology lasers and laser components into the fields of machine vision, life sciences, military, aerospace, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and scientific research. 




Plastibell is an expert when it comes to injection molding and assembly, producing a range of complex plastic products for different industries. With 240 injection machines at seven industrial sites in France, Poland, Mexico and the USA, Plastibell has a total staff of more than 700 people and realizes annual turnover of around 100 million EUR.In the industrial sector, the company works for the automotive industry, the aerospace market, electronics, sports and entertainment area and building sector. We produce according to the customers’ specifications and also support them in the design of the components.




With an expertise developed in several high tech sectors such as aerospace, mechanical sports, medical devices and energy, POLY-SHAPE positions as the French Leader of Metal Additive Manufacturing. With a wide and diverse pool of machines, and a metallurgy laboratory, the company masters all additive manufacturing technologies using metal powders or wires. From design to delivery, including machining and finishing, POLY-SHAPE keeps control over the whole value chain, supported by an exclusive training team and a substantial research and development department. Solving future industrial challenges is the core focus of this innovative company's strategy.




Sinequa is an independent software vendor providing a cognitive search and analytics platform for Global 2000 companies and government agencies that connects people with the information, expertise and insights necessary for organizations to become information-driven.  For Sinequa customers, this means actionable information presented in context to surface insights, inform decisions, and elevate productivity.  The platform has been forged by experience in projects for large organizations in complex environments with large and diverse sets of data and content. Sinequa’s unified platform is fully integrated and configurable to support current and future needs around becoming information-driven. Sinequa develops its expertise and its business around the world with a broad network of technology and business partners




Automotive HMI Design : digital instrument clusters, head-up displays, infotainment systems (IVI), rear seat entertainment and much more - CGI Studio is the one-stop solution for innovative HMI ideas in an ever-converging world. The innovative software platform is developed by Socionext Embedded Software Austria GmbH (SESA / www.cgistudio.at), a leading Austrian HMI tool provider and development partner for automotive and industrial customers worldwide. SESA not only develops and distributes the CGI Studio tool environment but also offers a variety of software services, particularly in the fields of HMI development and embedded software.




Squoring technologies le spécialiste du pilotage des développements de logiciels et systèmes embarqués. Squoring Technologies est l’éditeur de "Squore Software Analytics", outil d’analyse décisionnelle permettant d’optimiser la qualité et la performance des projets de développement logiciel pour répondre à des enjeux en termes de coût et de sécurité. Capable d’extraire, d’agréger et d’interpréter en indicateurs pertinents l’ensemble des données produites par les outils utilisés tout au  long du cycle de développement, Squore offre une évaluation globale des projets et génère des plans d’actions optimisés pour une prise de décision fiable et efficace. 

Innovation : "Squore Software Analytics" existe dans une version spécifiquement dédiée aux constructeurs et équipementiers de l'industrie automobile : Squore Automotive, le tableau de bord décisionnel pour le pilotage des projets logiciels et systèmes embarqués. Squore Automotive implémente les pratiques de SPICE pour optimiser la stratégie de tests et démontrer la conformité de qualité des développements aux exigences normatives du secteur ISO 26262, HIS, MISRA,...). Parfaitement adapté aux besoins de la filière, la solution squore Automotive est actuellement déployée par de nombreux grands groupes industriels.




Trelleborg Sealing Solutions specializes in the development and marketing of sealing solutions based on thermoplastics and elastomers. Our 7 R&D centers in Europe allow us to intervene from the formulation of the material to the definition of the design, to answer the stakes of the current automotive environment and that of tomorrow. The 15 European factories offer a large production range with processes adapted to the needs and requirements of the sector.




Vector is the leading manufacturer of software tools and software components for networking of electronic systems based on CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, AFDX, WLAN and MOST as well as multiple CAN-based protocols. The Vector know-how is reflected in a wide range of tools as well as in integrated consulting services with software and systems engineering. Workshops and seminars complete the manifold training program.Customers from the automotive engineering, the commercial vehicle, aerospace, transportation and control technologies around the world trust in the solutions and products from the independently-owned Vector Group. 




XXI-Lab is an engineering and technical studies company specialising in antennas design from 300MHz to 8GHz: omnidirectional antennas or directives, single-band, multi-band or broadband. XXI-Lab offers design or support services for the implementation of antennas as well as support for the definition of the product architecture with the objective of optimum radiated performance. The company has specific tools: Microwave Studio for EM Simulation, Creo3 (ProE) to take into account mechanical part, and for the measurements lab or portable vector network analyzer as well as a anechoic chamber with its electronic of acquisition.

Innovation : Technology for the design of miniature antennas.




YoGoKo provides communication solutions for connected & cooperative mobility. These solutions allow vehicles to exchange data with their surrounding environment (other vehicles, roadside or urban infrastructure) and to maintain Internet connectivity. These are used, amongst others, for the transmission of information related to road safety and traffic efficiency, data collection and processing, fleet tracking and management, remote diagnosis, software over-the-air updates, Internet access and other added-value applications and services.

Innovation : Unified communication platform simultaneously addressing the connectivity needs of various types of applications (road safety, traffic efficiency, comfort, ...) competing for limited radio resources. YoGoKo's unified communication platform combines hybrid communication technologies (ITS-G5, DSRC, WiFi, cellular 3/4/5G, LoRA, 802.15.4, satellite,…) as needed to provide extended & secure connectivity.

Contact : First Connection - 8 rue la fontaine 92120 Montrouge | France  - Tel : +33 (0)1 49 12 44 79 - Email : info@firstconnection.fr