Conferences Program

Among the topics of the conferences presented at Automotive Connection 2017: 


1/ Security, ADAS and autonomous vehicle
2/ Electrification & hybridation
3/ Powertrain
4/ Well Being on board
5/ Connectivity and intuitive mobility
6/ Processes and assembly.

- Conferences of Tuesday 31th January  2017 -



« Reliability optimization of embedded mechatronics systems: what are the applications for automotive industry? »
Speaker: Abdelkhalak el Hami, Lofims-Insa Rouen

« Weigh reduction of structures : benefits and last technological progresses of composites made from

thermoplastic matrix»
Speaker: Dr. Gilles Orange, Solvay R&I

« Material inspection & industrial processes:  Terahertz innovative tools for new requirements of automotive

manufacturing  »

Speaker: Uli Schmidhammer, start-up TeraTonics

« Multimaterial assembly with laser: perspectives and applications for automotive industry »
Speaker: Nicolas Villedary, Irepa Laser

« Understanding Additive Manufacturing to identify its added value and anticipate the future »

Speakers: Fabrice Barbe &  Mouldi Ben Azzouna, Insa de Rouen


Other topics to be confirmed....



« Data multimedia exchanges in vehicular networks: what are the approcahes to optimize the reliability of communication devices? »
Speaker: Claude Duvallet, STI - LITIS - Université du Havre

« Cybersecurity of the connected vehicle: challenges and perspectives »
Speaker: Christophe Pagezy, Prove & Run

« Bio-inspired solutions of artificial vision applied to autonomous driving and ADAS »
Speaker: Luca Verre, Chronocam

« Multisensoy perception systems for vehicles location in urban environment »
Speaker: Romuald Aufrère, Institut Pascal (Université Clermont Auvergne) 

« Hardware and software architectures of the autonomous connected véhicle »
Speaker: Prof. Claude Laurgeau - President of Intempora SA

« Control and measurement applications of autonomous vehicles systems »

Speaker: Loic SIRET - Dewesoft


Other topics to be confirmed...

- Conférences du mercredi 1er février 2017 - 
- Conferences of 1st February 2017 -


« Electrification of vehicles: overview of the technological progresses of  the CEA Leti »

Speaker: Marc Donikian, CEA Leti

« Noise mastering of electrical engines from the design phase: principle and application case »

Speaker: Jean-Luc Wojtowicki, Vibratec

ROUND TABLE : « Market outlook of hydrogen powered vehicles on the national territory»

- Sébastien Grellier, Communication Manager, Toyota France

- Julien Brunet, Sustainable Mobility Development Manager, Symbio Fcell

- Régis Saadi, Public Relations manager Air Liquide & President of Cluster Hydrogène Normand

- Other speakers to be confirmed...


Other topics to be confirmed...

« Holistic Connectivity : quelles innovations IHM pour permettre l’émergence de nouveaux écosystèmes de mobilité ? »
Intervenant : Jean-Yves Le Gall,Continental Automotive

Autres sujets en cours de confirmation sur ces thématiques...


«Engine decontamination and thermal comfort: what intelligent tools to solve temperature variation issues?»

Speaker: Philippe Paul Bert, Heatself

« Holistic Connectivity : what are the HMI innovations to enable the emergence of new mobility ecosystems? »
Speaker: Jean-Yves Le Gall, Continental Automotive

« Internet in vehicles: an onboard service to experience the car as your home»

Speaker: Michel Puharré, Orange

Other topics to be confirmed...

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